Addie Deffenbaugh | KLIFE alumna

"In my life, KLIFE has been one of the most consistent sources of fellowship and role models that are strong in their faith. I have loved having small group leaders that pour into my life and then getting to use what I have learned to help younger girls grow in their faith"


Kate Johnson | 7th Grade

"KLIFE has provided me with a safe place where I can be myself. It allows me to have spiritual role models who teach me, and show me, how to let my faith grow"


Calvin Johnson | Senior

"KLIFE has been a great way to spend time grow closer with other believers in Christ. In the time that I've gone to KLIFE, the people there have been so supportive and loving. It's a great place to be able to grow deeper in my faith surrounded by my friends"


Briant Bowerman | Small Group Leader

"I love the chance to get to dive into the truth of God's Word with the 6th grade guys! Their passion for the Bible and for KLIFE is awesome to see"


David and Sonja Settle | KLIFE Parents

“KLIFE has (1) served as a beacon of God’s truth, helping our kids navigate the challenging and complicated adolescent years while (2) simultaneously being genuinely fun and engaging. We are so thankful for the relationships our kids have through KLIFE: friendships with others who are also learning and growing in Christ, and relationships with young adults who lead by example and mentor with gentleness, wisdom, and respect. Thank you, Bartlesville KLIFE!”